What We Can Learn from Kendall Jenner's Foot Shaming - Dr. Ragland Contributes to The Queen of Style, Part of the Vogue Influencer Network

What We Can Learn from Kendall Jenner's Foot Shaming - Dr. Ragland Contributes to The Queen of Style, Part of the Vogue Influencer Network

When Kendall Jenner posed nude, sharing two beautiful black and white photos of herself on Instagram with her 87 million followers, it was her feet that drew attention from the Internet. I became a podiatrist because wanted to empower women with a strong foundation, so it’s very disappointing to see how mean people are online. Ladies, let’s stay stylish and healthy in heels. Read on to learn how...

What Recovery is Like for Foot Bunion & Toe Corn Removal Surgery

When the time comes to take care of foot bunions and toe corns through surgery, it’s best to be thoroughly informed.  For starters, how much pain can be expected? Recovery from post-operative bunion surgery varies from patient to patient and even foot surgeon to foot surgeon. The truth is, a patient’s threshold for pain and even perception of pain will range from mild to severe. Additionally, the podiatrist’s finesse with the soft tissue and bony structure will have a great impact on post-op foot surgery recovery. Furthermore, factors like smoking and not following instructions will play an important role in each patient’s recuperation.

How Many Cortisone Shots Are Enough For Foot Heel Spur Or Plantar Fasciitis?

We should all live by the motto: “Feet don’t fail me now.” So what’s the cause of excruciating foot pain with a first step? Generally, it’s a medical condition directly related to foot heel spur syndrome known as plantar fasciitis. Medical foot injections composed from a steroid broadly known as cortisone can be used to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis. This type of steroid is not an enhancement-performance drug and is legal in the United States and international anti-doping regulations. According to Dr. Cathy Fieseler, president of the American Medical Athletic Association, “Cortisone is a wonderful, terrible drug.” It is wonderful because it knocks out the precise inflammation in the affected area of the foot. This relief of foot pain can be perceived as immediate when combined with short and long-acting local anesthesia. However, if the issue which caused the inflammation initially is not resolved the foot discomfort will inevitably return.

What Does It Mean When Your Second Toe Is Longer Than Your Big Toe?

Did you ever wonder about the significance of your toes varying lengths? For starters, take a look at your second toe to see if it’s longer than your big toe known as the hallux. It’s widely believed that a longer second toe is associated with being ill tempered and it’s recommended to keep one’s emotions in check. Additionally, women who possess a second toe longer than the big toe signifies that she will dominate her marriage! On a cultural note, different parabola of the foot have been associated with various ethnic origins. For example, a second toe longer than the big toe is known to be linked to Grecian descent.

How Much Experience Should Your Foot Surgeon Have With Foot Bunion & Toe Corn Removal?

Whether your shoe size is dainty or daunting, stepping up to medically necessary yet elective surgery, such as foot bunion or toe corn removal, can be an overwhelming decision. The mere thought of having a medical professional surgically repair your foot, putting it back together better than it was before, is frankly frightening. But when you have reached the point where bunion shields, toe sleeves, corn pads, corn removal kits, razoring off toe corns, orthotics and wearing “fugly shoes” simply does not relieve the pain, your feet will tell you it is time to seek surgical foot intervention. That is why when shopping for your foot surgeon, be sure to arm yourself with the short checklist of crucial questions below that will aid you in selecting the best foot surgeon for your precious feet.

Bondage By Shoes?

Women covet shoes more than any other essential accessory. However, unlike all other adornments including handbags, footwear is a necessity for trotting to work, play and run errands on even the most unchartered terrains in order to avoid foot injuries and pesty diseases. Like handbags, shoes have evolved from being completely functional to stylish status symbol and, at times, unreasonable and needless foot attire. The desire to lavishly ornament one’s feet, begets the trend that socially accepts the practice to grin and bear the pain, regardless of the consequences: agonizing foot bunions, toe corns and hammertoes that come with donning ill-fitting footwear. In recent times, stories have emerged regarding, what seems like, supererogatory foot-surgery procedures for the pleasure to indulge in enrobing the foot in perfect pair of pumps. However, after reading between the lines of many stories that detail what appears to be ridiculous cosmetic foot procedures, the ultimate conclusion reveals that most women who have foot surgery to fit into their shoes are no different that than someone getting a nose job to breathe easier and relieve sinus headaches, extracting wisdom teeth to avoid tooth crowding and gum pain, or even having a circumcision to decrease infection and improve sexual sensation! In fact, the stories fabricated about women having foot surgery to simply fit into heels are at best skewed but moreover exaggerated to capture the attention of the reader.